Riding Through Grief

Suggested Discussion Questions for Grief Support Groups

  • Matt’s family honors his memory in a number of ways, beginning with speaking at his funeral service. What do you think enabled and motivated Matt’s family to speak at his service?  What benefits could there be for family members to speak at a loved one’s service? What reasons might there be not to speak at the funeral?
  • Matt’s family created a special monument to honor his memory. In what ways might creating a monument or memorial be beneficial for a family who has undergone a loss? Traditionally a monument is placed at a cemetery, but where else might be a meaningful place for a monument?
  • What are some other kinds of memorials that a family might create in memory of a loved one?
  • Matt’s family built a shelter in his memory. Why might building a shelter be a meaningful way to honor a loved one? How did building the shelter benefit the young men who helped to build it?
  • What might you do to honor a lost loved one?
  • If someone were to create a memorial in your memory, what might you want it to be?
  • Matt’s parents seemed to find solace in nature. Which places seemed to be the most comforting to them? Why? What places might be comforting to you?
  • What other sources of comfort might families seek that could provide spiritual or emotional support during periods of grief?
  • When an unexpected death occurs, what can family members do to support each other?
  • People grieve differently.  What can family members do to respect and understand each other’s unique responses to loss?
  • What might friends and family members say to someone who has experienced a devastating loss?  Are there some things that they should not say?
  • How do you think the author feels about the driver of the SUV?  Why do you think she did not share her feelings about the driver in the book?

To download a PDF of  these discussion questions please click here.