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A peaceful place

Keeping my mind on a peaceful place that Matt loved as I March myself determinedly through the routine of my day.

The sixth anniversary of Matt’s death is today, February 24. More frigid weather is predicted, appropriate for this dark day.  Bill says “Six years is a long time.” But, I think, “Not to me.”  I remember the events surrounding his death in great detail. But, instead of recognizing the day of Matt’s accident, as we did for several years, we […]

Matt was someone I wish I had met

Doug Welker is a notable force in moving The National Scenic North Country Trail forward to completion. He is a dedicated, hard working outdoorsman with a passion for the construction and maintenance of the trail. His contributions to its progress are rooted in his knowledge and love of the land in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

I was so touched, moved  by his deep and sensitive response to my book Riding Through Grief. Doug’s following description […]

Ethereal reminders of road’s risks

Across Chicago, streams of bicyclists pay tribute to ghostly white bikes, roadside memorials for those among them who have died in car accidents

Chicago Tribune

By: Robert Mitchum | Tribune reporter. Published: May 22, 2008

In the shadows beneath the overpass that runs above Logan Boulevard and Western Avenue, a spray-painted white bike is chained to a streetlight pole a few feet away from where Tyler Fabeck was struck and killed by a car last month.

The bicycle stands silent […]

Matt’s Shelter

The shelter is a simple nine-by-twelve-foot structure with three closed walls built of hemlock board and batten siding. The screened-in front keeps the space almost bug-free. Inside are two sets of wood bunks, pegs for hanging packs, and a rustic shelf to hold a metal box protecting the journal. I imagine hikers who spend the night here writing comments such as “Great hike today. Mosquitoes biting and flies attacking, but the beauty of the woods is worth it.” Or, “Heard […]