When Barbara Manger left her home in Milwaukee for a yoga retreat in Houston, she never imagined she would receive a phone call that would turn her world upside down. But she did—a call in which she learned that Matt, her twenty-nine-year-old son, had been struck and killed by a van during a bike race in Chicago.

Riding Through Grief  is the story of how a family faced head-on the sudden, accidental death of their son, and created unique ways to honor his memory that also helped them deal with their loss. Manger’s inspiring story gives hope to those facing the all-too-common experience of the unexpected death of a loved one. The book also offers insight to friends and family members trying to understand and support them in their time of need.

This beautifully and sensitively written narrative by a mother who suffered the sudden loss of her adult son is a must read, not only for other bereaved parents but also for anyone who has ever grieved and tried to make sense of a tragedy.

—Eve Lipchik, ACSW, Family Therapist
Author, “Beyond Technique in Solution-Focused Therapy”

Barbara Manger has written a deeply personal memoir chronicling her “ride” through the early years of grief for her son Matt. Readers will experience this book as the heartfelt sharing of a friend who continues to ride down a path that has become her new normal. It would be a useful adjunct to individual and group therapies for those struggling with grief and loss.

Carolyn Morse, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

Foreword by Julia Hinkle Penn, MD

Barbara Manger is an award-winning author and artist. Her first book,
Mary Nohl: Inside and Outside, A Biography of the Artist, is highly acclaimed.
Barbara and her husband, Bill Lynch, live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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